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I’m a Family Caregiver

The physical, emotional and financial challenges of caring for an adult family member living with a chronic illness or disability can be tough. Balancing this important role with a full time job or a family of your own at home can make it even tougher.

Learn about our family caregiver support programs or connect to support by attending a support group, completing the Family Caregiver Survey or accessing free online education.

At the Area Agency on Aging and Disabilities, we recognize the important role unpaid adult caregivers like you play in our community. Through our Family Caregiver Support, Medicaid Alternative Care and Tailored Supports for Older Adults Programs, you can access community services, education and supplies designed to make your caregiving easier while respecting the independence and dignity of your loved one. Through personalized home visits, we work with you to identify and arrange services to help restore balance and support to your life while optimizing the care your loved one receives. Support is also available to Kinship Caregivers. We serve caregivers in Clark, Cowlitz, Klickitat, Skamania and Wahkiakum counties.

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Do you or a loved one live in a long term care facility? Know Your Rights!

Advocates are available to help you understand and protect your resident rights.

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