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Ron Hart, a former Vancouver City Council member and church pastor tells an interesting story as he and several of his fellow church leaders were collaborating to assure that care was extended to an ailing 94 year old whose family was not available.

They had tried unsuccessfully to find the right information to help their beloved and lonely fellow parishioner. Chatting with a friend, a suggestion was made to call the Area Agency on Aging & Disabilities’ Information & Assistance Program (I&A). Now their earnest efforts came into focus.

Ron recounted that, “Within 20 minutes we had more information than weeks of our efforts searching for solutions on our own.”

Every day, the I&A staff deliver solutions to that provide choice, respect independence and enhance well being. “It’s nice to have my tax dollars work for us, providing real solutions to our current problems is of great value to me and us all,” said Ron.


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