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Concerned about a customer’s forgetfulness and lack of a support system, Clark Public Utilities (CPU) called the Information & Assistance Program (I&A) for help. “Joseph,” who is developmentally disabled, was calling them repeatedly thinking he was late paying his bill when actually he had never missed a payment. To help address these concerns, I&A staff brought together Joseph, members of his family and his church to discuss ways they could provide support and assistance. Through this collaborative effort, Joseph continues to live independently in his own home.



The Information & Assistance Program (I&A) received an email from a 47 year-old local Community Corrections Officer, “Jeff,” who was wheelchair bound with significant disabilities. He was unable to maintain his home or his own personal hygiene. Even getting in and out of the tub to bath was a significant challenge.

An I&A Specialist contacted Jeff to identify his specific support needs. The Specialist then made a referral to a local volunteer agency that provided home cleaning and organization services to area residents in need. Next, the Specialist helped Jeff apply for Medicaid Long Term Care services. Finally, Jeff was supplied with resources to find housing assistance, and is now living in a new residence where the landlord is assisting with the installation of necessary durable medical equipment.

“I can’t tell you how important my independence is to me, and with your help I’ve been able to find more freedom.”



A young man, “Tom,” living in Klickitat County experienced a number of problems while living in an adult family home. A staff member from the adult family home where Tom lived reported to the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program that most aspects of the resident’s life were being controlled by his brother, a man who presented himself as Tom’s guardian. Tom wasn’t allowed to visit his grandmother, the library or attend church. Additionally, he wasn’t allowed to wear sweatpants, sleep in late, grow a beard or receive an allowance. The Ombudsman was asked to assist Tom in advocating for his rights.

Working together, Tom, the adult family home staff, and the volunteer Ombudsman resolved these important issues. Tom reports he is much happier now and has more control over his life.


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