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Dan and his sister were growing very concerned about their mother. Living alone, she was showing increasing signs of dementia and paranoia and they weren’t sure what to do. Dan contacted the Information & Assistance Program (I&A). The I&A Specialist listened to Dan’s concerns and helped him explore options for his mother’s care and available community resources to help him and his sister understand and work with his mother’s condition. A few days later Dan received in the mail additional information about the Family Caregiver Support Program. He scheduled an appointment to meet with the I&A Specialist to learn more about other community resources.



Susan’s immediate need was to find a doctor for her ailing father–in- law. She phoned the Information & Assistance Program (I&A) for support. Through listening and asking the right questions, the Specialist discovered Susan was also caring for several family members in her household including her husband, son, mother and developmentally disabled brother-in-law.

Susan and her family were referred to the Family Caregiver Support Program. It was there they learned about several resources they didn’t know existed in her community, including social activities for her brother, transportation assistance, support groups and respite care. “We had no idea that this support was available in our community—you’ve made a world of difference to our family!”


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