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Request a Brown Bag Workshop

The physical, emotional and financial challenges of caring for an adult family member living with a chronic illness or disability can be tough. Balancing this important role with a job or a family of your own can make it even more difficult.

Many of your employees may be caring for a family member or are likely to as their parents or siblings age. Help your employees prepare for these inevitable life challenges by inviting our agency to present a brown bag workshop. Our workshops can run 15-60 minutes in length and are designed to introduce staff to the wide range of services and resources we provide to seniors, adults living with a disability and those who care for them.

Contact the Information & Assistance Program to request a presentation.

Clark County
360-694-8144 • 888-637-6060
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Physical Address: 201 NE 73rd Street, Suite 201 • Vancouver, WA 98665

Cowlitz and Wahkiakum Counties
360-577-4929 • 800-682-2406
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Physical Address: 1338 Commerce Avenue, Suite 309 • Longview, WA 98632

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