We offer many free classes and workshops designed for older adults, people with a disability, and unpaid caregivers. These classes can help provide you with the skills you need to prepare for the road ahead. Please note that these classes are not intended for paid caregivers such as Individual Providers (IPs) or professional home care aides. These classes do not count for Continuing Education. 

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Class Descriptions

ABCs of a Successful Doctor Visit for Caregivers
Have you ever left your doctor’s office wishing you could have more time? In today’s primary care visit, time is short and there are many issues to cover. How can you be effective and respectful of your doctor’s time and get answers you want? This session explores how to the make the most of your doctor visit. It will review some of the most important ways people can be prepared by applying common health advocacy skills. Be ready for an interactive, hands-on session, with must-know tips for anyone who has ever assisted family, friends or themselves in navigating the health care system.

Brain Health & Aging
The brain is our most complex organ. It is also one of the most important. That’s why trying to keep it healthy is critical now, and as we age. Join us as we learn about the basics of brain health, including ways to promote healthy aging and reduce potential threats to brain health.

Day to Day Caregiving Skills 
Caring for a loved one at home? Would you like to learn some practical skills and tips for helping with day-to-day personal care? In this class we will talk about activities of daily living, creating routines, incontinence issues, equipment and assistive devices, nutrition, community resources and more.

Dementia Caregiving 
Caring for someone with dementia? Join us for some tips related to dementia caregiving. We will talk about what dementia is, ideas on preparing for the road ahead, developing our caregiver tool boxes, communication issues and creating routines.

Legal & Financial Issues
Ever wonder what it means to “Get your affairs in order”? Confused by the different names of financial and healthcare documents? Join us for an overview of legal and financial planning. This class will help you learn how to choose a decision maker, how to make your choice “official,” and how to share your wishes with others. You will learn about powers of attorney, advance care planning, POLST forms, trusts and wills and other resources to help you get started.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers Workshop
Powerful Tools is a six-week workshop open to spouses, partners, adult children, and friends caring for a loved one at home. Classes provide you with tools and tips to better handle the unique challenges your face. Learn to: reduce personal stress, communicate effectively, deal with difficult feelings, and more.

Staying Well: Emotional Wellness
Developing and maintaining wellness is a lifelong journey. In this workshop you’ll learn skills to evaluate and improve emotional wellness, understand the connection between your emotions and other aspects of your life, manage your feelings, build a strong support system, and cope with changes and challenges.

Taming the Medicine Cabinet
The majority of Americans take at least one medication, and 20% take five or more. Keeping track of your medications can be challenging. Join us as we explore some of the common causes of medication errors and challenges that most people face. We will also identify practical tips that anyone can use, including how to take back medications that are expired or no longer needed.

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2022 Education Schedule

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Please note: dates and times may be subject to change. Registration is required for all classes. Caregiver Education classes are only for people who currently provide unpaid care for another person. Paid caregivers are not eligible to participate in caregiver education.

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